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Senior Samurai Sword

Model: Katana CC25
[GUI Jian Chou] the self-made patterned steel blue roasted samurai sword is made of a variety of patterned steel blue roasted and tempered by thousands of times. The edge is grinded by hand. The edge is grinded white in Japanese style. The hardness is as high as 60 ° The tan is made of pure copper, ..
Model: Katana CC21
High performance samurai sword [Golden Toad]Manganese steel forging bending 90 degrees, no deformation, blade blackening process, the edge of all manual [push grinding grinding white double line flame] processing, hardness up to 60 ° The blade is 103 cm in length with sheath, 71 cm in length, 26 cm ..
Model: Katana CC12
[samurai sword] 26 inch long manual T10 blade burning novice Samurai: Night Samurai features: manual 14 grinding, pure and sharp, easy seconds more than 30 bottles of mineral water, second straw mat, hemp rope, combination of hardness and softness, high cost performance, full length: 103cm blade len..
Model: Katana CC10
Zhitian xinchangbushi Dao is made of high manganese steel. It is forged and baked black. The double line edge is ground by hand. It is fixed with iron Tan and copper cluster binocular nails. It is pure hand carved lacquer. Total length 104, blade length 74, blade width 3.1, blade thickness 0.7, tota..
Model: Katana HH89
Patterned steel blue twist pattern samurai sword [Wanyue] the blade is made of refined patterned steel blue twist pattern, with hardness up to 60 ° It's made of Tan iron and bamboo. It's like cutting vegetables. It's very tough. It's bent 90 degrees and straight at once. It's 103 cm long with sheath..
Model: Katana HH80
High performance push grinding Samurai Sabre "crazy leopard" spring steel forging, 90 degree bending straight back without deformation, hardness up to 60 ° Cutting iron does not hurt the blade, easier than the mineral water bottle, cutting bamboo and wood, etc.: performance watch video test Longquan..
Model: Katana HW18
Product Description: Samurai Dao "Jinzhuang Taidao" No.: hw18Blade material: T10 steel covered with earth burning edge, hand grinding for 18 timesProduction process: handmade, hand forging, quenchingWeight: 1.4kgTotal length: 104cmBlade length: 71cmHandle length: 27cmBlade width: 3.2cmThickness: 0.7..
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