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Senior Samurai Sword

Model: Tactical suit
Tactical suit, configuration: two khakise tactical ribs, one tactical Darth Vader knife, and a pair of tactical ronin forks..
Model: Katana K6
Ghost cutting edge material: all-round folding pattern steel total length: 103cm edge length: 70cm handle length: 27cm edge width: 3.2cm edge thickness: 0.75cm total weight: about 1.4kg, shelling weight: 1.1kg all-round folding pattern steel red baking process, 17 manual grinding, one-piece manual f..
Model: Katana A51
Total length of Dragon Blade ~ red kite: 105cm blade length: 72cm blade width: 3.2cm handle length: 30cm blade thickness: 0.7cm blade material: T10 burning blade + special process equipment: iron handle material: Pearl fish skin..
Model: Katana 002
[Samurai Dao] 26 inch steel-making high-performance grinding series high elasticity pure sharp Samurai Dao 19You Yanluo features: it adopts T8 carbon tool steel for 9 times of folding and forging, with high hardness, sufficient toughness, strong elasticity, 90 bending rebound and no deformation. It ..
Model: Katana A31
The blade has high strength, high hardness, red body and wavy design, Total length of hand grinding edge: 104cm edge length: 73cm edge width: 3.2cm (the widest part) edge thickness: 0.7cm total weight: about 1.37kg [handle material]: high grade cotton rope winding [sheath material]: solid wood exclu..
Model: Katana A03
[leopard] high performance samurai sword, zinc alloy sword, Tan pure copper cluster, blade spring steel forging bending 90 degrees, no deformation, with blood groove, hardness up to 60 ° The blade is 103 cm in length with sheath, 71 cm in length with handle, 26 cm in length and 3.2 cm in width. It i..
Model: Katana CC66
[Samurai palace version] [name] 26 inch special burning blade leaf pattern burning blade iron samurai sword [performance] 4196189s240 covering soil burning blade technology, 16 manual grinding, can try to cut mineral water, second straw mat, hemp rope, hardness and softness, super high cost performa..
Model: Katana CC64
High performance samurai sword [candle dragon] manganese steel forging bending 90 degrees without deformation, the blade is blackened by the ancient method, the edge is fully manual [linear push grinding grinding] treatment, the hardness is up to 60 ° The blade is 103 cm in length with sheath, 71 cm..
Model: Katana CC41
[product name]: high quality pure copper high performance manganese steel "exclusive xiadiyan, Jinglei pattern" manual push grinding dagger "disaster snake" samurai sword has existed as a weapon since ancient times [blade material]: high performance manganese steel is forged by hand, roasted blue, a..
Model: Katana CC40
High speed steel baked black engraved "98 army knife" specification: sheath length: 104 cm, blade length: 72 cm, handle length: 26.5 cm, blade width: 3.2-2.8 cm, blade thickness: 0.7 cm, steel: high speed steel, hardness up to 60, sheath material: solid wood Phoenix Tail leather wrapped, handle non ..
Model: Katana CC33
High performance push grinding tool "Purple cherry blossom" spring steel forging, 90 degree bending straight back without deformation, hardness up to 60 ° Cutting iron does not hurt the blade, easier than the mineral water bottle, cutting bamboo and wood, etc.: performance watch video test Longquan ..
Model: Katana CC31
Welfare special price [Dragon Blade Taidao] manganese steel forging bending 90 degrees, no deformation, blade ancient baking gold process, the edge of all manual [push grinding grinding white double line flame] processing, hardness up to 60 ° It is 104 cm long with sheath, 71 cm long with blade, 27 ..
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