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Senior Samurai Sword

Model: Sword P13
Copper forged stone pattern steel samurai knife [Zixia] is really a good collection of powerful samurai knives: full length: 103cm blade length: 72cm handle length: 26cm blade thickness: 0.7cm blade width: 3.2cm weight: about 1.3KG blade material: refined pattern steel retains the original forged st..
Model: Katana P7
Ebony Sheath High Performance Patterned Steel Torsion Pattern Juhe ScimitarPurple InkSpecification: total length of sheath: 103cm, blade length: 73cm, handle length: 26cm, blade width: 3.2-2.6cm, blade thickness: 0.75cm, weight: 2.8kgSteel: patterned steel twist pattern purple baking processHardness..
Model: Katana D21
【 Warrior a tiny cloud dragon 】26 "pattern steel horse teeth series paint sheath samurai sword[Features] : The blade type is large V, the blade surface is flat and sharp, and the cutting resistance is small. The overall blade type is gradually widened from the blade cluster to the radial direction o..
Model: Katana D11
[Exquisite Sabre] Self refining patterned steel Roast Blue Warrior BladeThe blade is made of repeatedly refined patterned steel, baked blue, and tempered. The hardness is up to 60 °. The iron will not hurt the blade. The Tan is made of pure copper and carved with beautiful patterns. It is extremely ..
Model: Katana L74
Copper Torsion Pattern Roasted Blue Warrior Blade [Forever] The blade is made of a lot of refined pattern steel with blue twist pattern. The hardness is as high as 60 °. The iron will not hurt the blade. The pure copper carving suit is extremely flexible and bent for 90 seconds. The sheath is 103 cm..
Model: Katana L21
Forged stone pattern steel Samurai Sabre [Viper] is a good collection of strong Samurai sabres. Total length: 103cm, blade length: 72cm, handle length: 26cm, blade thickness: 0.7cm, blade width: 3.2cm, weight: about 1.3KG. Blade material: hundred refined pattern steel retains the original forged sto..
Model: Katana L16
[Samurai Soul Eater] 26 inch Samurai Sabre long T10 earth covered burning blade series sharp blade copper mounted Samurai Sabre [features: imported tool steel earth covered burning blade water quenching process, high hardness, good wear resistance (high sharpness and durability). The overall blade s..
Model: Tactical suit
Hot moneyPrajna Ghost Warrior suit, configuration: Tactical claw knife, hand stab, broken axe, mace, rib difference, tactical small black pill knife, military weapon box, when bullets are exhausted, short knife is not enough, life is on the line, you should be the master of your destiny! A tactical ..
Model: Tactical suit
Tactical suit, configuration: two khakise tactical ribs, one tactical Darth Vader knife, and a pair of tactical ronin forks..
Model: Katana K6
Ghost cutting edge material: all-round folding pattern steel total length: 103cm edge length: 70cm handle length: 27cm edge width: 3.2cm edge thickness: 0.75cm total weight: about 1.4kg, shelling weight: 1.1kg all-round folding pattern steel red baking process, 17 manual grinding, one-piece manual f..
Model: Katana A51
Total length of Dragon Blade ~ red kite: 105cm blade length: 72cm blade width: 3.2cm handle length: 30cm blade thickness: 0.7cm blade material: T10 burning blade + special process equipment: iron handle material: Pearl fish skin..
Model: Katana 002
[Samurai Dao] 26 inch steel-making high-performance grinding series high elasticity pure sharp Samurai Dao 19You Yanluo features: it adopts T8 carbon tool steel for 9 times of folding and forging, with high hardness, sufficient toughness, strong elasticity, 90 bending rebound and no deformation. It ..
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