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Short Sword

Model: Katana T18
[Yingluo Short Knife] 12 inch high-performance patterned steel samurai sword. The blade is made of tempered patterned steel, with a hardness of up to 60 ° and no damage to the blade when cutting iron. It has excellent toughness and is equipped with zinc alloy fittings and a solid wood large lacquer ..
Model: Katana T17
White Demon Juhe Blade【 Size 】: Total length 80m, blade length 52cm, handle length 25cm, blade width 3.2cm, net weight 0.84kg 【 Blade Material 】: Medium carbon steel 【 Sheath Material 】: Solid wood lacquer sheath 【 Suitable 】: Collection, housewarming, gift giving, martial arts, fitness, exquisite d..
Model: Sword K8
Microtech Microtechnology [Purple Soul] [Mystery] two choices, high quality straight jump knife!D2 high hardness, portable, high-quality spring structure! Durable and sturdy export packaging+tactical sleeve!Parameters----------------------Total length of knife: 23CMBlade length: 9.0CMBlade width: 1...
Model: Katana D5
The 12 inch short knife [Flying Feather] manganese steel is forged and bent for 90 degrees without deformation, the blade is processed by the blue baking process, the blade is processed by the carving process [Feather Pattern], the hardness is up to 60 °, and the iron will not hurt the blade, and th..
Model: Katana D1
Name: Prajna, total length: 39cm, blade length: 12Cm, the blade is forged with T10 material, the ancient method is covered with earth and the blade is burned, with high performance and manual grinding. The scabbard is handmade and dyed with imported African first-class ebony, the handle is inlaid wi..
Model: Battle knife K1
Daonu series - purple light battle knife full-color titanium gradient technology renders the blade, and the steel is made of high-quality carbon steel N69! Amazing style, collection and play! Specification: cm total length: 43.5cm blade length: 28cm blade thickness: 4.5mm blade material: N69 special..
Model: SWORD Q5
New hot launch[product name] bloody WolfTang Hengdao • top of sword[blade material]: hand forging of extreme manganese steel and exclusive pattern forging.[equipment]: alloy (Thunder Wolf)Total length: 92cmBlade length: 53cmHandle length: 32cmBlade width: 3.8cm (the widest part)Blade thickness: 0.5c..
Model: Katana CC66
20 inch T10 burning blade samurai sword "killing dragon rib difference" [performance] manual 18 grinding, mirror grinding process! Hardness 60 ° Cutting iron does not hurt the blade, hardness and softness help each other! Super high cost performance! The length of sheath is 78 cm, the length of blad..
Model: Katana CC06
[Samurai rib difference] a new 12 inch Samurai rib difference short knife with special price is a small golden flower [features]: the blade is a big V, with flat and sharp blade surface and low cutting resistance. The overall blade shape is gradually widened from the blade cluster to the blade tip i..
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