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special weapons

Model: Sword D9
Nordic sword, full length: 125cm, blade length: 90cm, handle length: 32cm, blade width: 3.5cm, blade material: high performanceFixture: stainless steel weight: 1.54kg, blade material: 1055 steel forging, integrated riveting, artificial leather can be back hung with sheath,..
Model: Sword D8
Honshu Gladiator SwordsIt is made by the United States of America and Utah. It is super large and can be waved with a sense. It is a gladiator fighting knife of ancient Rome. It adopts classic design that has been handed down for thousands of years and incorporates fashionable design elements. This ..
Model: Tactical suit
Hot moneyPrajna Ghost Warrior suit, configuration: Tactical claw knife, hand stab, broken axe, mace, rib difference, tactical small black pill knife, military weapon box, when bullets are exhausted, short knife is not enough, life is on the line, you should be the master of your destiny! A tactical ..
Model: Tactical suit
Tactical suit, configuration: two khakise tactical ribs, one tactical Darth Vader knife, and a pair of tactical ronin forks..
Model: Spear K2
Panlong magic gun: (sharp) weapon parameters: three detachable sections with a total length of 185cm, a single handle of 124cm, a gun head of 62cm, a tough length of 40cm, a maximum width of 5.6CM and a thickness of 0.65cm; Stainless steel pipe tough material; Kao LAN of Kao Meng steel gun head..
Model: Battle knife K1
Daonu series - purple light battle knife full-color titanium gradient technology renders the blade, and the steel is made of high-quality carbon steel N69! Amazing style, collection and play! Specification: cm total length: 43.5cm blade length: 28cm blade thickness: 4.5mm blade material: N69 special..
Model: SWORD CC33
Limited sale Nepal - Thug size: total length 44 Ren, length 30, width 5.7, thickness 0.6, with sheath weight about 0.8kg, scabbard weight about 0.6kg material: Handmade Bailian folding forged pattern steel (water pattern) ebony patch handle, copper nail fixed handmade carved leather leather case, me..
Model: SWORD CC16
26 inch one piece Tang Dao: canzhu exclusive pattern specification: full length: 95cm edge length: 70cm handle length: 22cm thickness: 1.2cm edge thickness: 0.8cm with leather case weight: About 2.5kg with leather case weight: About 2kg edge material: folding forging one hundred refining pattern ste..
Model: SWORD CC05
Dragon head walking stick sword: total length: about 93cm, handle length: 20cm, blade length: 55cm, blade width: 2cm, blade thickness: 0.6cm, weight: without sheath: about 0.6kg, with sheath    About 1kg, pure copper carving fittings, superior ebony, hand folded forged pattern steel...
Model: SWORD HH10
Full length: 92cm handle length: 18cm blade length: 55cm blade width: 2,2cm blade thickness: 0,65cm blade material: a nine pattern steel..
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