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Model: Wooden frame G3
Peach wood fine, wood body fragrance. (Group source "cut: ancient engraved jump adults, standing in the household. Han time, the momentPeach print hanging on the door, called peach print. Later Han Zhaoyi Zhi, "the moon of the feast, all things hidden, the summer solstice Yin Qi Meng, not afraid of ..
Model: Wooden frame G2
Single dragon play beads on both sides of the peachwood frame hollow carving Xianglong base wooden frame/单龙戏珠/ G2..
Model: Wooden frame G1
Chinese ivory rack ornaments base mahogany craft base black catalpa solid wood wishful frame/ 象牙架/G1..
Model: Katana SS13
King. Blade material: 1095 steel. Process: all burning, manual fine grinding sheath handle: Ebony fittings: inlaid stabilized wood total length: 103 cm blade length: 71 cm handle length: 27 cm blade width: 3.2 cm configuration: high-end brocade box / oil / cloth..
Model: Katana SS12
[product name]: the top-quality swords are all fired, and the samurai swords of "chasing the ronin" have existed as weapons since ancient times. [blade material]: high hardness T10 hand forging, exclusive technology of "all fired" of "Fu Tu Shao", extremely high scrap rate, and pure hand-made high-q..
Model: Katana SS11
Exclusive products (patents, abrasives) development copyright Taidao[product name]: the destroyerTaidao has existed as a weapon since ancient times[blade material]: hand forging, blood groove design, red baking and "water ripple" double line push grinding process are adopted for the edge[fittings]: ..
Model: Katana SS09
[Samurai ronin] 26 inch t1095 earthen blade, acid wood, copper and ground white grinding Samurai blade features: it is forged with T10 carbon tool steel, and the ancient earthen blade burning process has high hardness and toughness. Full manual basic grinding process, clear and bright texture! Stron..
Model: Katana SS10
[samurai sword] 26 inch iron 100 steel high elastic pure sharp samurai sword ghost sword, features: using T8 carbon tool steel 9 times folding forging, high hardness, toughness, strong elasticity, bending 90 rebound, no deformation, full manual basic plate grinding process, clear and bright texture!..
Model: Katana SS08
[name] Baigang earth covered burning blade grinding Samurai Sword - Yongle [performance] manual 24 grinding, pure and sharp, easy seconds more than 30 bottles of mineral water, second straw mat, hemp rope, can be described as cutting iron like mud. The combination of hardness and softness can be rol..
Model: Katana SS07
[samurai sword] 26 inch long blood trough high performance blue grinding keel handle Samurai Sword - Hanju Samurai characteristics: manual 20 grinding, pure and sharp, easy second more than 30 bottles of mineral water, second straw mat, hemp rope, hardness and softness, can pass the car rolling. Ful..
Model: SWORD SS07
[Tang Dao]26 inch black wood T10 burning edge copper bending one hundred flower Tang Dao [features]: the blade is large V, flat and sharp, with low cutting resistance. The overall blade is gradually widened from the blade cluster to the blade tip in the radial direction, and forged in the axial dire..
Model: Katana SS06
[Wushou makes samurai sword]Tool steel covered with earth burning blade pure sharp bladeSelling points: Inheriting technology, hand forging blade, covering soil burning blade technology, cold water quenching, 280 ℃ soil ash tempering, blade with high strength, high hardness, counter blade mother gro..
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