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Model: Sword D6
[Black Gold Ancient Sabre - Flying Feathers] The golden ratio design has a total length of 115.5 cm, the handle length of 31.5 cm, and the non slip wax rope wrapping method. The blade length is 74 cm, the net weight is 4 kg, the blade width is 4 cm, and the blade thickness is 0.5 cm. It is processed..
Model: Katana D5
The 12 inch short knife [Flying Feather] manganese steel is forged and bent for 90 degrees without deformation, the blade is processed by the blue baking process, the blade is processed by the carving process [Feather Pattern], the hardness is up to 60 °, and the iron will not hurt the blade, and th..
Model: Sword D4
New plum blossom green knife - residual arc.[Feature]: The Phantom Feather Sabre is made in the early Ming Dynasty. The blade is slender and slightly curved, and the tip is sharp and slightly tilted up! The blade is flat and sharp with large V surface. It has strong chopping performance. The overall..
Model: Sword D3
Ice Soul Dragon Soul Han Sword High Performance Manganese SteelCraft: inherit the traditional sword casting craft of Longquan,Pure manual forging, quenching, annealing, tempering and other multiple processes.Total length: 103cm Blade length: 73.5cmHandle length: 21cm (grip area), blade width: 3.9cmT..
Model: Sword D2
The new model is hot to market [product name] Dragon King Sword [blade material]: manual forging of extreme manganese steel, exclusive flame branding Burnout process [fittings]: alloy (exclusive mold opening fittings) Total length: 106cm Blade length: 72cm Handle length: 28cm Blade width: 3.8cm (the..
Model: Katana D1
Name: Prajna, total length: 39cm, blade length: 12Cm, the blade is forged with T10 material, the ancient method is covered with earth and the blade is burned, with high performance and manual grinding. The scabbard is handmade and dyed with imported African first-class ebony, the handle is inlaid wi..
Model: Wooden frame G3
Peach wood fine, wood body fragrance. (Group source "cut: ancient engraved jump adults, standing in the household. Han time, the momentPeach print hanging on the door, called peach print. Later Han Zhaoyi Zhi, "the moon of the feast, all things hidden, the summer solstice Yin Qi Meng, not afraid of ..
Model: Wooden frame G2
Single dragon play beads on both sides of the peachwood frame hollow carving Xianglong base wooden frame/单龙戏珠/ G2..
Model: Wooden frame G1
Chinese ivory rack ornaments base mahogany craft base black catalpa solid wood wishful frame/ 象牙架/G1..
Model: Wooden frame S1
Authentic Feicheng peach wood frame, solid wood base, double sided base, wood carving ornament support..
Model: Katana CC99
hand forged Japanese katana swords/functional/sharp/ 紫月/CC99..
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