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Model: Sword P9
[Product Name] War WolfTang Hengdao, the top of sword[Blade material]: manual forging of extreme manganese steel, exclusive pattern forging.[Equipment]: Alloy (Red Wolf)Total length: 114cmBlade length: 72cmHandle length: 32cmBlade width: 3.8cm (the widest part)Blade thickness: 0.5cmTotal weight: 1.8..
Model: Sword P8
Anger of the DragonSpecification: full length 110cm, blade length 73cm, handle length 31cm, blade width 3.7cm, blade thickness 0.5cmBlade material: manual high performance manganese steel forging, blackening and dragon carving processAccessories: exclusive dragon suitSheath material: solid wood blac..
Model: Katana P7
Ebony Sheath High Performance Patterned Steel Torsion Pattern Juhe ScimitarPurple InkSpecification: total length of sheath: 103cm, blade length: 73cm, handle length: 26cm, blade width: 3.2-2.6cm, blade thickness: 0.75cm, weight: 2.8kgSteel: patterned steel twist pattern purple baking processHardness..
Model: Sword P4
The most powerful all-in-one Tang Hengdao in history was launched[Product Name]: "Red Blood Mad Blade"Tang Dao is the peak of Chinese cold weapons[Blade Material]: Manual forging of extreme manganese steel, ancient high-temperature blackening, exclusive etching pattern design with red powder gilding..
Model: Sword P2
Hot money[Tang Hengdao - Dragon Hand]Specification: 115cm in length, 32cm in handle, 73cm in blade length, 3.8cm in blade width, 0.5cm in blade thickness, 3.68kg in total weightSteel: It is made of high manganese steel calcined in one piece and baked in blue by Longquan ancient process. Its hardness..
Model: Sword P1
[Black Gold Ancient Sabre - Taixu Ancient Dragon] The golden proportion design is 115.5 cm in total length, 31.5 cm in handle length, comfortable with anti-slip wax rope winding method, 74 cm in length, 4 kg in net weight, 4.2 cm in width, and 0.5 cm in thickness. It is treated with manganese steel ..
Model: Katana D21
【 Warrior a tiny cloud dragon 】26 "pattern steel horse teeth series paint sheath samurai sword[Features] : The blade type is large V, the blade surface is flat and sharp, and the cutting resistance is small. The overall blade type is gradually widened from the blade cluster to the radial direction o..
Model: Sword D20
Live broadcast of the popular Dragon Flame Scimitar exclusive mold opening fittings, metal handles!!! The golden proportion design has a total length of 111cm, and the handle is 30cm long. The metal handle is comfortable, beautiful and aggressive. The blade is 71cm long, 3.8cm wide, 0.5cm thick, and..
Model: Sword D18
"Red Cloud Sword" is comingCutting edge material: the high manganese steel is hard, the high manganese steel hollow sword body is black and engraved, beautiful and domineering. Sheath material: solid wood big lacquer sheath "Ice Crack". The hand feel comfortable when winding ropes by hand. The total..
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