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Model: Sword T8
Dark Domain Han Sword - High Performance Manganese SteelCraftsmanship: Inheriting the traditional sword casting craftsmanship of Longquan,Pure manual forging, through multiple processes such as quenching, annealing, and tempering.Total length: 102.1cm Blade length: 73cmHandle length: 27.1cm (with pr..
Model: Katana T7
Carbon steel roasted gold samurai sword "Dragon Gate Golden Carp"Blade 50 # steel calcined, blade body baked with gold, corroded and carved..
Model: Katana T6
[Heding Red] High performance samurai sword, forged with spring steel, bent at 90 degrees without deformation, with blood grooves, with a hardness of up to 60 degrees. Cutting iron does not damage the blade, with a sheath length of 103 centimeters, a blade length of 71 centimeters, a handle length o..
Model: Katana T5
Calcined Stone Pattern Steel [Dragon Carving Warrior]It is indeed a great collection of powerful samurai swords: Total length: 103cm, blade length: 72cm, handle length: 26cm, blade thickness: 0.7cm, blade width: 3.2cm, weight: approximately 1.25 KG, blade material: 100% refined patterned steel, reta..
Model: Katana T4
High Performance Samurai Blade [Kurosawa]Manganese steel is forged and bent at 90 degrees without deformation, and the blade body is treated with black technology. The blade edge is fully handmade with a hardness of up to 60 °. Cutting iron does not damage the blade, with a sheath length of 103 cent..
Model: Katana T3
Kurosawa Warrior[Specification]: Total length 103cm, blade length 72cm, handle length 26cm, blade width 3.2cm, blade thickness 0.7cm, weight approximately 1.1KG [Blade Material]: T 10 Burnt blade, hand grinding: [Equipment]: All copper knife Tan [Sheath Material]: Solid wood paint: [Handle Material]..
Model: Sword T2
Embroidering Spring Knife~Red Flame.【 Characteristics 】: The Phantom Feather Blade is made in the early Ming Dynasty, with a slender and slightly curved body and a sharp and slightly upward pointed blade! The blade shape is large, V-shaped, flat, sharp, and has strong cutting performance. It gradual..
Model: Sword T1
[Black Gold Ancient Sabre -- Free Fighting Blade] The golden ratio design has a total length of 115 cm, a handle length of 31.5 cm, and a non slip wax rope wrapping method. The blade is 74 cm long, the net weight is 4 jin, the blade is 4.2 cm wide, and the blade is 0.5 cm thick. The blade is process..
Model: Sword P64
Oxtail Knife Material: High manganese steel integrated forging, Longquan ancient method forging specification: total length 85 centimeters, blade length 60 centimeters, handle length 25 centimeters, blade width: the widest point 5.3 centimeters, blade thickness 0.5 centimeters, sheath material: PU l..
Model: Sword M16
Exclusive mold opening fitting, metal handle!! The golden ratio design is 111 cm in length and 30 cm in length. The metal handle is comfortable and beautiful. The blade length is 71 cm, the blade width is 3.8 cm, the blade thickness is 0.5 cm, and the net weight is 2.1 kg..
Model: Sword P31
The most powerful all-in-one Tang Hengdao in history has been launched in a stunning manner. [Product Name]: "Dragon Head Tang Hengdao":Tang Dao is the pinnacle of Chinese cold weapons【 Blade Material 】: The extreme manganese steel was manually forged, with a double blood groove design, a pure manua..
Model: Sword P30
The most powerful all-in-one Tang Hengdao in history was launched with a stunning impact【 Product Name 】: Longtou Tang HengdaoTang Dao is the pinnacle of Chinese cold weapons【 Blade Material 】: Handforged with extreme manganese steel, designed with a large blood tank, and baked blue 【: The blade ado..
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