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About Us

Wilk Sword



More or less

Have a hero dream

More or less

There will be a little sword sentiment

Yiwang was founded in the mid-summer of 2000

All things in bloom

Loud and good times

Our shop is located in Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang, China

This is a mecca for Chinese sword lovers

There are many dedicated traditional sword craftsmen

Every day a variety of elaborate sword works are born

Wilk sword

Aims to establish a sword culture related

Have good rational communication atmosphere

Contains a lot of different cultural atmosphere

The grounding and relaxing sword platform

Wilk is as tough as steel

And treat every dao friend with serious and responsible attitude

From the beginning of the integration of various sword channels

To the subsequent selection of a variety of quality manufacturers boutique

And then independent layout and production

To the present independent design and focus on boutique production

The only constant beginner's mind

Is to help dao friends to have the right partner

The gradual development of Wilk

I cannot do without the support of every friend

I hope you have no taboos

Uninhibited communication in Tiktok

Let's feel the connotation of sword culture

Experience the charm of sword culture together

Trust us,

We will definitely make more high-quality sword works

Hand in hand to change the future of Chinese sword